Some Popular Types of Business Websites to Consider Building

There are quite a number of website types and their unlimited variations that you could choose from depending on your business needs. These include the following:

Business Card Site

This is the simplest type of a website that you could think of building to serve your business needs. It mainly consists of a single page with your business logo, name, and list of services offered and of course contacts that can help your potential clients. It can include brief descriptions of products and services with a link to your email address. This costs less to develop than other business website types and can later be expanded.

Brochure Site

Several pages with more detailed descriptions of products and services can be accommodated in this type of a business website. Everything you would include in a normal brochure can go into this website so the designer can still make use of the existing text and graphics. Email links and any other information found useful to promote your business can be added too.

Mini-Catalog Site

This is more like a larger brochure site version and a tool that can be equally effective for sales like an e-commerce site. People who don’t feel safe with their credit cards on e-commerce sites may prefer to call using the contacts provided. It can as well be a better opportunity because they can negotiate for prices, which is not the case when filling forms. Price changes or new products only known to sales persons are easily communicated on phone before updates appear on websites. The mini-catalog site may also have forms for placing orders and requesting quotes.

E-Commerce Site

This is a large business website whose cost of development varies greatly depending on the scale required. Apart from detailed descriptions of your business products and services, customers are able to fill order forms online and submit them while payments using credit cards are also processed in secure servers. They are complete online stores supposed to accommodate all or the larger part of the order processing cycle.

Integrated E-Commerce Site

This is a large e-commerce site with capabilities of linking to all the business back-end processes. A dynamic design of an online catalogue is linked to the database so that real time information about availably of products and services is available to customers online. This is more sophisticated to develop and costs more. Large sized businesses often implement this type of website in order to keep track of their operations while satisfying their customers with more accurate information on enquiries and availability.